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Lab-Bred Xenopus Frogs from Nasco
Xenopus shipments to the following states require a permit: AK, AZ, CA, HI, MT, NV, NJ, NC, OR, UT, VA, WA.
Description Xenopus (pigmented) Xenopus (albino)
Embryos, per unit of 100
Due to rapid growth rate, shipment will arrive in later embryonic stages.
LM00490MX LM00502MX
Tadpoles, unit of 50, Stages 40 to 47 LM00460MX LM00503MX
Tadpoles, unit of 25, Stages 48 to 55 LM00450MX LM00504MX
Tadpoles, unit of 10, Stages 56 to 63 LM00452MX LM00505MX
We can sort LM00450MX, LM00452MX, LM00504MX, and LM00505MX into a specific 3-stage range.
Frogs, 2.5-5 cm
Sex not identifiable
(Juvenile animal)
LM00453MX LM00506MX
Frogs, 5-6.25 cm
(Juvenile animal)
LM00711MX Male

LM00712MX Female
LM00507(A)MX Male

LM00507(B)MX Female
Frogs, 6.25-7.5 cm
(Juvenile animal)
LM00713MX Male

LM00714MX Female
LM00508(A)MX Male

LM00508(B)MX Female
Frogs, 7.5-9 cm
(Males are mature, Females are juvenile)
LM00715MX Male (Mature)

LM00716MX Female (Juvenile)
LM00509(A)MX Male

LM00509(B)MX Female
Frogs, 9+ cm
Female Only
(Mature animal)
LM00535MX LM00510MX
Pre-tested females are injected with HCG to induce ovulation, thereby verifying functional ovaries. The animals have shown they are capable of producing eggs. However, we cannot make guarantees about quality or quanity of oocytes any animal may possess. LM00531MX LM00531(A)MX
PROVEN BREEDERS With each order for proven breeders, you will receive a sample of Nasco's Frog Brittle and a copy of the Rearing and Breeding Lab Manual FREE. LM00456MX LM00456(A)MX
Xenopus, extracted ovaries LM00935MX  
Surgically extracted ovaries from mature Xenopus. Note: due to variables beyond our control, we cannot guarantee quantity or quality of oocytes. Shipped in sterile sampling bags, packed in wet ice, and shipped in an insulated carton via Next Day Air.

Xenopus borealis
Lab-bred animals produced from stock of Kenyan origin.
borealis, Male LM00698MX
borealis, Female LM00699MX
Xenopus tropicalis
These are lab-bred animals reared exclusively on Nasco's Frog Brittle. They are out-bred Nigerian frogs from University of Virginia stock.
Xenopus tropicalis are sensitive to cold temperatures. Place orders for delivery during warm weather. Avoid delivery during cold winter months.
Embryos and Tadpoles, up to stage 47
Due to rapid rate of development, these early stages are not available for shipment.
Tadpoles, unit of 25
Stages 48-55
Tadpoles, unit of 10
Stages 56-63
Under 6 months
Mature Males
Over 6 months
Mature Females
Over 6 months
Surgically extracted ovaries from mature Xenopus tropicalis frogs.
Shipped in sterile saline on wet ice, via Next Day Air.
Note: due to variables beyond our control, we cannot guarantee quality or quantity of oocytes.

Instructions for feeding Xenopus frogs

Special Note For Export Shipments