Xenopus Frog General Information

Nasco offers lab-bred Xenopus (pigmented and albino), Xenopus borealis, and Xenopus tropicalis.

Nasco has outbred Nigerian Xenopus tropicalis frogs. These are from University of Virginia stock.

Why risk your valuable research on wild-caught frogs of unknown origin? Such frogs could be of uncertain age, diet, and exposed to environmental pollutants or parasites.

All Nasco Xenopus have been lab-bred in our Wisconsin facility under stringent care. These are vigorous animals selected for premium reproductive capacity and are raised exclusively on our custom frog diet, Nasco's frog brittle. (Frog Brittle is produced exclusively for Nasco by Purina MillsĀ®. This product is not affected by any pet food industry recalls. There is no wheat gluten or rice protein concentrate in this product. Meat meal component is porcine - not from ungulates.)

  • Nasco maintains closed colonies
  • All Nasco Xenopus are lab-bred animals
  • None are captured from the wild
  • Good supplies of all Xenopus are available for immediate shipment

Nasco has over 60 years experience providing living specimens worldwide for education and research.
Whether starting a new project or continuing your present endeavor, do it with the company that can offer you robust animals reared utilizing Nasco's superior animal husbandry protocol, selected to your specifications (i.e. age, weight, size, sex, etc.), and backed by a knowledgeable staff able to answer your animal care questions.