Xenopus Animal Protocol

Animal protocol for Xenopus African clawed frog colony

All Xenopus animals in our colony have been lab-bred in our Wisconsin facility. All are at least five generations removed from any wild-caught stock. Animals are maintained in well water at temperatures ranging from 16� C to 20� C. Nasco's well water tests out at 340 mg/L hardness, 350 mg/L alkalinity, and 490 �mhos/cm conductivity. Note: �mhos/cm = �S/cm (microSiemans per centimeter).

Animals receive a 100% water change daily. They are fed our custom frog diet, Nasco Frog Brittle, which is produced for us by Purina Mills�. The animals are very robust. We maximize animal husbandry to minimize health problems. In the rare event of injury, animals may be bathed in a mild saline solution to promote healing. We avoid use of antibacterial compounds so the usefulness of the animal as a research specimen is not compromised. A prophylactic parasiticidal treatment is given to all mature animals in the colony as standard procedure.*

*Source: Douglas, Dawson A., T. Wayne Schultz, and Edward C. Shroeder. "Laboratory Care and Breeding of the African Clawed Frog: Parasite Treatment." Lab Animal 21.4 (April 1992):32.

Instructions for feeding Xenopus frogs
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