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The Math Teacher's Favorite Catalog!

Provides the latest teaching materials for primary through pre-algebra, geometry, calculus, and trigonometry programs. This catalog includes manipulatives, calculators, games, resource books, audiovisuals, interactive whiteboard materials, drawing equipment, STEM materials, Common Core State Standard resources, and software programs. Many teaching aids are packaged in classroom sets. Custom math kits are available to meet your specific math classroom needs.

Math products

featured product

Transparency Sheets

Demonstrating equations on an overhead project is a great way to show students how to work through difficult questions. These sheets are virgin, distortion free, and reusable.

Healthcare Educational Materials

CASIO® fx-300MS Solar Turbo Scientific Calculator

Has two-line display allowing the user to see both the formula and result simultaneously. Formula line can be instantly recalled for editing.

feature product

Clearview 12" Flexible Rulers - Pkg. of 12

Shatterproof, transparent plastic make these flexible rulers a top pick! Each package contains two of each color.

featured product

Folding GeoShapes Set

The perfect tool for discussions about surface, permimeter, symmetry, volume, and other geometric topics.