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Global Nasco has what you’re looking for – school supplies, farm and ranch products, art materials, health care trainers, educational and teacher resources, senior care items, and more! Learn more about Nasco.

Family and Consumer Sciences

Life Skills Education Catalog

The most comprehensive family and consumer sciences catalog available. From careers to food science to special needs, this catalog includes products to help address healthy living, job training, and contemporary issues for students of all ages. Learning resources include food replicas, games, DVDs, books, and miscellaneous teaching materials. The housewares and sewing sections offer a complete selection of commonly used tools and materials, along with the latest in new technology.

Family & Consumer Sciences products

MyPlate products


Nasco Global carries a large selection of MyPlate products including a variety of kits, posters, place mats, and more for display and education. Nasco Global is proud to be a USDA National Strategic Partner.

Nasco Food Replicas

Nasco Food Replicas

Replica food is perfect for appetizing displays, photography, and teaching students about nutrition because the food won't spoil, always looks perfect, and won't attract pests.

Dukane ImagePro Portable LCD Projector

Dukane ImagePro Portable LCD Projector

The Dukane ImagePro Portable LCD Projector can be used in a variety of environments and applications. It is sufficiently bright for most indoor settings and is ideal for educational use.

What Causes Obesity? Kit

What Causes Obesity? Kit

In this hands on kit students can learn first hand how behavior, environment, and genetics play a factor in causing obesity.